Kishu Ken

Kishu Ken is the 1st Sh1tcoin on the Kadena Blockchain.

You wanted rug. We even fucked up that… and mooned instead.





How to get $KISHK👇

1 – Grab some KDA on an exchange (Binance, KuCoin, Gate)
2 – Create your eckoWallet (
3 – Send KDA to your eckoWallet (chain 2)
4 – Go to one of the exchanges above
5 – Swap KDA for KISHK
6 – Enjoy

KishuKen Team

meet the makers

The Developer

Pretends to be the wise one.

The Investor

Used his McDonald’s pocket money to start the project. 

The Marketer

Probably he should spend his life in a mental facility but instead someone hired him as ‘the community guy’. Now we all suffer.


TG chat

Built on Kadena

Kadena is the industry’s only scalable layer-1 Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain.

Built for Kadena

Kadena has one of the best communities in the blockchain space. 

Token burn - done

310 Trillion $KISHK with a value of 545,000.00 dollars have been burned.

Limited supply

Circulating supply is now officially 690 Trillion as described in the Ponzi metrics

Reverse rug

Instead of loosing money HODLers may actually profit… dammit!


Community is the most important part. Hit us with your art, memes or anything on Twitter & Telegram!


The fun has just begun!